Introducing the Wellness Research Institute

Welcome to the Wellness Research Institute. You are probably here because you were contacted by a member of our team and want to learn more or heard about us from one of your colleagues or clients. We thank you for your interest and know a likely reason you are here is because you haven’t been able to find the exact mix of conditions to get everything you need out of wellness programs, and the wellness industry as a whole.

At the Wellness Research Institute we are committed to ensuring that every wellness dollar spent maximizes the potential to reduce healthcare costs, while optimizing productivity & well-being. We believe the wellness industry as a whole is about to go through a great period of maturation. Wellness, compared to other industries, is just coming out of its infancy. We want to be there to help usher it through this transition.

We believe that wellness works…given the right set of circumstances. Everything that we do and will do in the future is aimed at making the industry work; providing insights and analysis of the circumstances that need to be in place to help employers reach their wellness goals and ultimately, help every end user of a wellness program lead a happier and healthier life.

Thank you again for finding us. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter so that we can share our findings with you and you can use our research, news and information to help usher in a better state of health.

Thank you,
Joe Miller

Joe Miller is the President of the Wellness Research Institute. You can find Joe on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.