The Place to Meet a Wellness Vendor

Thank you for visiting the new Wellness Research Institute (WRI) site. While our focus has always been improving the health and wellbeing of the employees that are served by our clients, you will notice we are now broadening our scope of services to support this goal.

The primary market we serve is employee benefits brokers and consultants. Our consultant partners, who make up the top health and productivity professionals in the US, are amazing to work with and partner with WRI to ensure the best outcomes for the employer clients they serve.

Recognizing that our consultant partners are only able to reach their own clients, we realize that there is still a large segment of the employer market that does not have access to the information needed to complete an informed wellness vendor selection process. For this reason, WRI will be working to establish deeper relationships in the employer and vendor communities to promote our mission.

As long as an employer is not a client of a consultant partner, WRI will offer a new service to support that employer in identifying and procuring the best wellness vendor for their unique needs. We feel that any consultant that is not assessing the entire vendor market and taking into account all variables when recommending a vendor, is doing a disservice to their client. The employer market can now be confident they’ve assessed all of the wellness vendors that are best positioned to support their goals, either by working with one of WRI’s consultant partners or through WRI directly.

In addition to working with employers, WRI is also now helping the wellness vendor community build better products and solutions for the market. We are working with vendors to identify weaknesses within their suite of services and providing actionable guidance as to how they can respond to market demands. This guidance can range from identifying areas the market perceives to be a weakness for the vendor, to facilitating strategic partnerships with other wellness vendors that can enhance the scope of services they offer. It is our strong belief that by improving the quality of the solutions available in the wellness market, “the rising tide will lift all boats”, as the saying goes. Better offerings will promote the advancement of our industry and contribute to the well-being of employees.

Thank you again for visiting our new site and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Joe Miller
President, Wellness Research Institute