Viverae - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Cliff Newby, Viverae’s AVP of Product Management, in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series. Cliff introduced two newsworthy updates to the Viverae portfolio: a brand new financial well-being component and an expansion of their disease management program.

Recently, financial wellness has been recognized as an important part of an employee’s overall wellbeing. The financial wellness benefit was ranked #1 on EBN’s top benefit trends for wellness in 2016 and a recent survey showed that 78% of respondents considered financial wellbeing a very important aspect that brings value to the overall program. Financial wellbeing programs have also led to an increase in ROI. According to the Consumer Protection Bureau, for every $1 spent on financial wellness, there is an ROI of $3. Furthermore, a recent survey done by Alliant showed that 43% of respondents saw an increase in overall employee engagement as a result of a financial wellbeing program implementation.

As part of their budding financial wellness offerings, Viverae announced a partnership with a financial assistance provider with an easy-to-use platform seamlessly accessible right from Viverae’s member portal. Members have access to features including a financial health assessment, a financial dashboard that syncs with your bank accounts and interactive education lessons & videos. The platform easily integrates with Viverae’s portal, where you can view your incentives as well as rewards earned from achieving financial goals.

With this new program implementation, Viverae now offers a cost effective solution for employees to solve their financial dilemmas and become more engaged at work.

In the second part of Viverae’s webinar, Cliff announced a major disease management expansion. Viverae now supports 22 different chronic conditions along with a healthy pregnancy program, an increase from the 5 that were previously offered. Viverae’s new offerings mostly focus in the category of “lower-tier chronic conditions,” and now count high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic low back pain, Crohn’s disease, migraines, stroke, and sleep apnea amongst other new conditions addressed by their program.


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Viverae is 13-year veteran, Performance Based Health Management™ market leader of wellness solutions. They provide employers a platform to tie health behaviors to health insurance premiums, and support members with the tools and resources they need to create a healthy lifestyle. Viverae is a full spectrum, total population health management company with the proven objective of increasing productivity and decreasing health care spend.