Interactive Health – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Beth Lynch, Director of Business Development at Interactive Health, in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to present the upcoming enhancements to the member portal.

Before diving into the portal, Beth provided a quick refresher on Interactive Health.  They have been doing business for 25 years and currently have around 2500 clients.  They are focused on delivering results and pleased to share their 94% client retention and 98% client satisfaction rates.  Interactive Health offers a comprehensive solution with all of their program components provided in-house.

Before unveiling the new portal, Beth introduced the brains behind their operations, Active Engine, the proprietary algorithmic application that drives risk stratification and program personalization.  She noted that this application incorporates many years of experience as the company has grown as well as ongoing clinical review.

She summarized the upcoming enhancements to member-facing technology, as follows:

  • New look & feel
  • Optimized for phone, tablet & computer
  • Personalized feedback, recommendations, and action steps
  • Ability for members to customize their own experience
  • Introduction of social and gamification features

Beth shared several webpages of the new portal and confirmed that it is mobile-friendly.  She displayed where the user can review history, review more details, and take actions.  She concluded with emphasizing how emotional health is intricately intertwined with overall health and incorporated throughout their solution.

Questions addressed at the end of the session:

  1. Can customers co-brand the new portal?
  2. Do the portal enhancements apply to HealthyStart customers (venipuncture or fingerstick screenings), too?
  3. When will the enhancements go live?

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