Wellness Corporate Solutions – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Jared Rice, the Vice President of Technology at Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to present the two new product enhancements that WCS has recently launched.

WCS offers a wide range of services, but biometric screenings are the foundation of what they do. The company manages thousands of events every year, and they strive to be the premier biometric screening provider in the country. To complement health assessment and screening services, WCS also provides health education right at the on-site events, as well as health coaching (via phone, video, and/or email). They feel strongly that registered dietitians are best positioned to address lifestyle change, and have a network of more than 1,500 RDs nationwide who work with participants following a screening. WCS also provides a comprehensive employee portal, called the Well Employee Portal, with trackers, challenges, and incentive management capability.

Following the introduction of WCS, Jared discussed the updated ScreenSMART 3.0 application, which securely and efficiently captures and transmits screening data from tablets at on-site events to WCS’s database. This latest version of the app provides tighter integration with WCS’s back-end systems, heightened user security, enhanced customization options, new features to improve the participant experience, as well as a means to capture event and staff feedback from participants.

Next, Jared presented a new product recently launched, called WCS Analytics +. This web-based, on-demand analytics and reporting tool provides employers and WCS partners with always up-to-date data and metrics across all areas of service: screening participation, participant satisfaction, population health risk, coaching utilization, and more.

Jared then took questions. The first question covered how VIP screening participants can be flagged in ScreenSMART during implementation to ensure prioritization at screening events. Jared was then asked about data security, and he explained that participants are asked to authenticate themselves throughout the event. No participant data is stored locally on tablet devices, the software does not allow staff to retrieve data from the WCS database, and data is encrypted as it moves from the web-app to the WCS database. Finally, Jared addressed a question about how employers can customize their analytics dashboards and set email delivery options to receive reports on a recurring basis. 


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Wellness Corporate Solutions, LLC (WCS) is a woman and minority-owned, nationwide provider of comprehensive wellness programming and biometric screenings headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Since its founding in 2004, WCS has provided wellness services for more than 500 public and private-sector clients, including Fortune 100 companies with more than 150,000 employees. WCS's network of more than 6,000 trained and certified healthcare professionals, all W-2 employees, provide wellness services on their behalf nationwide.