Preventure – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Laura Walmsley, Chief Client Officer at Preventure, in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to introduce their new Maxwell platform.

To begin, Laura stated that at Preventure, a hunger for good health is something that they all share.  For 25 years Preventure made healthy a habit through innovative well-being solutions.  What Preventure is very proud of and would like to emphasize as their difference is their roots in relationships with their clients and the client experience.  Preventure is also proud of the impact they have on their clients and their ability to stand behind their program and results.  What Preventure guarantees to their clients is support, enjoyment, and improvement.

Next, Laura provided an overview of Preventure's:

  • Foundation and Culture
  • Core Components
  • Program Options
  • Support

Laura then went into their platform and how it came to be.  Preventure sought a partner to provide a new technology platform to deliver their services.  However, after exploring the market's existing options, they didn’t find the right solution for them.  They re-evaluated what makes a great platform for employers and then built a comprehensive portal themselves, called Maxwell.

Preventure built their platform based on the notion that most corporate wellness programs are about the corporation and not about the individual people within that corporation.  With this in mind, the Maxwell platform supports client-specific customization, third-party integration, and a clean and streamlined user experience.  Their social platform is integrated so that participants can encourage eachother toward their goals.  Preventure believes that when corporate wellness strategies align with personal goals, good things happen.

Laura shared a demo and explained the three essential themes that you will see throughout the platform:  habit-formation, personalization, and new content.  She welcomed follow-up inquiries and addressed a couple clarifying questions at the end of the session.


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