Provectus Management – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Mack Bryson, the CEO of Provectus Management, in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to address important misconceptions of disease management solutions and to discuss creative mechanisms to fund a diabetes management program.

Employers are increasing their focus on targeted interventions for high-cost conditions, such as diabetes. Currently, 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, with 86 million classified as having pre-diabetes – nearly a third of the U.S. adult population.  For this reason, employers need more effective care delivery solutions, proven ways of engaging employees, and a model that rewards high value care for their employees. 

To start, Mack addressed important misconceptions and common objections you and your clients encounter, such as:

  • How to convince the CEO/CFO to fund a program today that won’t see results for 2-3 years
  • Why free blood glucose monitors and diabetic supplies aren’t really "free"
  • The issue of financing disease programs (without the employer having to find additional funds)

Next, Mack provided us with a detailed description of the actual costs of disease management related technology and supplies and went over some of the things that are not working in the current diabetes management approaches. 

These issues included:

  • Lack of employee engagement as a key factor in the ineffectiveness of such programs
  • “Free” diabetic supplies are not free. “Free” supplies are charged to the employer’s health plan
  • “Free” Glucometers that do nothing more than testing and storing glucose readings. They are not proactively supporting better compliance by the user
  • Not all disease management programs are alike

Provectus offers a comprehensive solution for managing diabetic patients remotely and engaging them with tools for self-monitoring, sharing information, changing lifestyle, accessing medical professionals, and delivering value based services consistently.  These components are delivered  in a cost effective and simple manner throughout the treatment period and beyond.  Other benefits of their approach include:

  • No additional line item cost benefit program
  • Focused exclusively on an expense that already exists
  • Enhances needed supplies to the covered individual at a substantially reduced cost to the employer
  • The health plan administrator is billed directly. This creates several advantages to the employer and does not create a separate line item expense.
  • No disruption to existing or future diabetes management programs


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