Provant – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Mike Gorfin, the Head of Business Development at Provant, in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to showcase how Provant’s “hub” platform integrates well-being programming to create a truly personalized member experience.

Provant is a provider of customized worksite health and well-being strategies and services to organizations across North America. With its network of 13,000+ employees, Provant touches more than six million lives by reducing employee health risks using proven and affordable wellness solutions to large and small businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

In this presentation, Mike first introduced Provant and briefly explained its approach.  Provant wants to deliver High Touch, High Tech, On-Demand, and Self-Guided solutions and tools in a variety of modalities tailored to the individuals that are looking to access them.  Provant’s programs are customizable to engage populations and individuals.  This approach provides individuals with flexibility to engage with the program and decide how they receive information best.

Next, Mike took us through Provant’s online platform.  Based on trends, feedback and member usage patterns, Provant has optimized their solution to ensure that all of their programs are available from a single platform page and easy to access.  Since engagement is one of the focal points in the wellness space and everyone is constantly looking for ways to improve engagement, Provant believes that making things easy to access and all in one place is one of the key components in achieving that goal.  Another top priority for Provant is a simple and engaging user experience.  One feature embraced by Provant to improve mobile user access, is the ability to log in by using a thumb print instead of having to remember the password each time.  Moreover, the platform is translated into over 100 languages, so that a user can choose which language they want their platform to be presented in. 

Mike presented in more detail Provant’s comprehensive well-being platform, highlighted its integration capabilities, and demonstrated new programming, such as the unique ability to leverage biometric data to create custom nutrition solutions for members.


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