Podcast On Trends In Well-Being Programs

Our 2017 Well-being Industry Prospectus report generated a ton of industry buzz and fantastic market feedback.  Shortly after the release, the team over at Wellable approached us with an idea to feature the findings of the report to kick-off the very 1st episode of their new podcast series, which we thought would be a great format for digging into the data and sharing the findings.  The Wellable team even created a visual to go along with the podcast and a great break-down of the minute markers for topic changes.  It was great experience and we really enjoyed the opportunity to share the report’s findings with their audience.  If you haven’t yet listened to the podcast, follow this link.  They also created a SoundCloud link for those that want the audio on the go!

To make it more convenient, here's a list of topics covered in the podcast:

  • Tom Ciccotti and Shortlister
  • Well-being Industry Prospectus 2017 overview
  • Shift to total well-being programs
  • Disparity between must-have and growing-demand
  • Controversies around biometric screening
  • Why companies are moving away from carrier solution, embracing 3rd party vendors
  • How carriers can adapt
  • The increasing demand for mobile solution
  • The future of niche solutions
  • Is Employee Wellness becoming a must-have?
  • Predictions on 2018 trends