Strategic Health Services - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kara Tarantino, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Strategic Health Services (SHS), in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to introduce their comprehensive wellness solution.  Many of our attendees may not be familiar with SHS’s unique "employer outreach/reseller" program, utilized by many top hospitals, health systems, and TPAs.

Strategic Health Services has been around since 2008 offering hospitals, employers, brokers, TPAs, and others a comprehensive, data-driven health and wellness solution, that SHS refers to as the Health and Well-being Engagement Portfolio.  SHS believes that personalized prevention plans and health risk screenings are critical to changing behavior, improving health, and sustaining wellness.

The SHS Health and Well-being Engagement Portfolio is a HIPAA-compliant technology with a built-in data reporting system, Fitness and Health Entertainment, Health Coaching, Data and Analytics, Employee Communications, and their Reseller Program.  It can be used, in total or in part, based on the employer needs and some of the components are also effective as stand-alone services. 

The SHS member portal consists of a variety of practical and useful features, including assessments.  This year SHS has introduced a Physical Strength Risk Assessment (PSRA) to address the impact of low muscular strength as a result of increasing weight and obesity. Results of this assessment help direct employees to coaching programs and other interventions, necessary to improving strength and reducing musculoskeletal problems, which now account for 50 percent of all worker compensation claims. 

Next, Kara explained that the cost drivers that every employer faces begins with daily habits.  These behaviors lead to conditions and diseases that account for 80 percent of total costs of all chronic illnesses.  The 8 habits include: alcohol use, lack of screening, poor diet, physical inactivity, smoking, poor stress management, poor access to care, and lack of sleep. 

In addition to their robust portal, health coaching, claims analytics, extensive marketing support, and the new PSRA, SHS has recently expanded its scope of services to include:

  • Results-oriented “prevention” coaching programs, including: pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, injury prevention, stress management, cholesterol management, and others
  • Sedentary disruption challenges on their portal – to get people up and moving throughout the day


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