Wellness Coaches - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited Gene McGuire, the Founder and Managing Partner of Wellness Coaches, to present their new Technology Suite, which will further enhance their proprietary, on-site health coaching model.

Wellness Coaches was founded in 2002 and their wellness coaches have conducted over 5 million individual, on-site, one-on-one, and face-to-face coaching interactions with employees.  Wellness Coaches helps clients achieve higher levels of workplace wellness success and they have some numbers to prove it:Capture 6-1.png

  • Engagement: 88% of all employees are engaged in coaching
  • BMI: 75% of employees coached on weight loss, improved BMI
  • Blood Pressure: high risk population dropped 75%
  • Exercise: high risk population dropped 55%
  • Stress: high risk population dropped 50%
  • Strains & Sprains: 55% reduction in strains and sprains

Although their average coaching engagement rate is already an impressive 80% for most client populations, Wellness Coaches’ new Technology Suite will further allow them to:

  • Offer an enormous library of health content, with specific content focused on injury prevention
  • Complement their onsite coaching with a customized, interactive platform to track incentives, manage remote challenges, and sync wearables
  • Identify gaps in care and provide predictive modeling via their new Data Analytics tool
  • Utilize their Remote Access Coaching Platform to better reach Dependents, Spouses, and Off-Site Employees (in addition to those coached in the workplace)

Their new Technology Coaching Platform is designed to maximize associate empowerment and an employees’ collaboration with their coaches.  It also enhances connectivity to the coach between onsite coaching sessions, and expands the reach of the onsite coach to the associates working at remote locations.  This new platform also provides:

  • Employees: easy navigation of the health action plans and powerful learning tools for constant learning of behavior and results
  • Engaged Communication: secure, real time messaging with the wellness coach and supporting team
  • Coaches: Wellness Coaches panel views highlight members who need the most attention and proactive follow up
  • Outcomes: real-time analytics reporting outcomes and performance

Capture 7.png

Finally, Wellness Coaches provided a “sneak peak” into a new offering they’ll launch in Q1 of 2018: Medical Nutrition Counseling Services.  Here are some main points about this new offering:

  • Nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy coaching services will be delivered by their registered dietitian (RD) coaches
  • Integrated with their existing coach training, processes, software, reporting, QA, and technology
  • Currently offer RD coaching services all over the country, but now will also be available on a reimbursable basis
  • Can be used as a “reasonable alternative” under ACA
  • Effective option for custom ”condition management” efforts


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