Quizzify - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister’s December “Meet a Vendor” series ended 2017 with a bang by hosting Al Lewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Quizzify, a learning platform that provides employees with the knowledge they need to make wiser and healthier decisions.

“About 88 percent of U.S. Healthcare consumers do not have adequate health knowledge”.   How can you make an appropriate health decision without a good knowledge of health and healthcare?  The answer is: you cannot.

As Al stated, you cannot have a culture of health without a culture of health literacy and the most engaging and memorable way to teach health literacy is through a trivia contest.  This is exactly what Quizzify does: it provides engaging and educational content, developed and reviewed by industry professionals, packaged into entertaining quizzes to create a health-literate workforce.

Quizzify recently became the only vendor in employee health services to have its curriculum earn SHRM credits for HR administrators.  In conjunction with their colleagues at Harvard Medical School, Quizzify has also created a new quiz series - on the critical topic of opioid awareness.gwefrg.png

Additional updates to the Quizzify solution that we discussed included:

  • Quizzify is now available with single sign-on, allowing you to add Quizzify to a platform in days instead of weeks
  • Quizzify's new Engagement Guarantee promises to nudge more employees to a platform at a lower cost/click-through, and spend more time on the site, than (almost) any other healthcare vendor
  • Quizzes are now available as HRAs, in case your client would like to upgrade from the traditional "eat-more-broccoli" model to one that addresses a much wider range of the risks that employees face, and received a glowing review from America’s leading wellness attorney
  • Quizzify is now also available in a claims-based version, for employers who prefer the expense be “below the line.”

During this fun webinar, we even polled the audience with a few sample questions to allow them to experience the process first hand!


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