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ActiveHealth Management – Meet a Vendor


Shortlister hosted Sean Kuhn, Vice President, Sales with ActiveHealth Management, to learn more about ActiveHealth’s impact through multi-modal coaching and population health management.


Less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle and we spend more than $3 trillion annually on health care in the U.S.  Making healthier choices isn’t easy. Many factors impact our overall health and well-being, including individual behavior, genetics, social and environmental factors, and clinical care.  Many feel unsure of where to start with so many moving pieces.

Plan sponsors are feeling the impact as well.  Higher health care costs, lower productivity, and a disengaged workforce can contribute to stagnant business results.

What can you do about it?  Provide a personalized health experience with clinical coaching, digital tools, and advanced analytics with ActiveHealth.

Personalized health


Using data to drive a personalized experiencedata

Active Health’s patented CareEngine® technology is a tool that pulls in disparate forms of data, including claims, lab results, prescriptions, and biometrics. They use that data to create a highly personalized coaching experience for members that includes opportunities to improve their health.

Thousands of clinical rules produce over 1,200 alerts for members and their physicians. They identify any gaps in care and opportunities for the member to make better decisions about their health.  This data is shared with the member’s treating provider and to the member through the digital platform.  Additionally, the information is used from a clinical perspective to identify members that would benefit from a health coach.


Simplifying the data for employers

The Active Health Index aggregates all the data into a very easy to understand score.  HR teams can use it to understand trends within the employee population. And financial teams can monetize the impact the program is having on the health of the population.  The Health Index evaluates multiple dimensions of health. They’re grouped into established dimensions, like age and geography, and impactable dimensions, like lifestyle and biometric risks and preventive care.




Once a score has been identified, ActiveHealth identifies how to approach the areas of opportunity to help an employee population reach an idealized score.  Clients can track improvements over time to show the program’s success, such as resolving gaps in care, adhering with medication plans, and being compliant with preventive care to improve biometrics and reduce risks.


Utilizing the data to drive interaction with members

ActiveHealth utilizes the data to understand what’s happening with each individual member’s health by:

Identifying what kind of support each member needs and how to best deliver content

Engaging members in clinical coaching to help them build skills, make behavior changes, and create accountability

Delivering content in a variety of ways in multiple modalities as members don’t consume content the same way every time. Options include:

Digital Digital                                          group Group

1on1 1:1                                               onsite Onsite


ActiveHealth offers practical, evidence-based health coaching support that’s relevant and actionable. They foster long-term behavior change that can help improve health outcomes and lower health care spending.  Let ActiveHealth be part of your path to better health.


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