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Shortlister hosted Michelle Northey, Chief Product Officer and Julia Goebel, Chief Marketing Officer, to discover how Benefitexpress‘ benefits administration technology and services are paving the way for human resources and benefits pros at enterprise-level organizations.

Benefitexpress delivers industry-leading, cloud-based benefits administration technology to employers, broker partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) who license Benefitexpress technology – all with the core purpose of helping companies deliver on their benefits strategy.  Software and services span a suite of end-to-end solutions such as:

Fully outsourced administration of benefits

Benefits enrollment technology

Decision support technology

ACA and related compliance services

Reimbursement solutions (HSA, FSA, HRA)

Full-service customer care center



Perhaps Benefitexpress’ most differentiating factor is their focus on service.  With a unique executive sponsor model, each fully outsourced benefits administration client has direct access to a member of the Benefitexpress executive team.  Furthermore, they have a reference rate of 92%, meaning more than nine out of ten clients will recommend their service and further – will provide an actual referral.  This paired with their 100% implementation rate over the last three years, and domain-level expertise, equates to service that can’t be beat.




Client Success







Enrolling in benefits with Benefitexpress is simple for employees. A step-by-step process guides the enrollment so that employees can choose benefits with confidence. Once the participant has completed all elections, a visual summary of all elections and pending actions is provided.



As a seamless part of the enrollment experience, Benefitexpress helps employees make informed decisions through decision support technology known as BeneFITwise.  Their solution allows participants to modify their information for personalized modeling and enter specific information, such as risk tolerance and prescriptions, for refined estimation.  They also educate each participant on how costs and scores are obtained.  Plans are then displayed in color-coded, stacked rankings and recommendations based on the score.



Finally, employers count on Benefitexpress’ Total Compensation Solutions to communicate total employee compensation beyond the regular paycheck they are used to seeing.  This includes an array of information, such as compensation elements, benefits elements, and non-compensation benefits and perks.

benefit wise relationship driven


Benefitexpress delivers on the promise of a relationship-driven, benefits-wise partnership in three ways: a client-centric approach, robust software suite and domain expertise. It all adds up to a proven combination helping plan sponsors to deliver their benefits strategy and a better employee experience. To learn more, access the full Meet a Vendor presentation using the links below. 


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