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Shortlister hosted Randi Bauernshub, VP of Customer Solutions at BHS, who discussed why in 2019 there are so many people with untreated mental health issues and how this impacts the workplace.

At a time when the need for assistance with mental health, substance abuse and work-life issues is at an all-time high, quality EAP and Behavioral Risk Management services are more important than ever.  Organizations need to have the right strategy and partner in place to identify and proactively mitigate behavioral risks.  When unaddressed, these risks can evolve into costly or traumatic workplace incidents that affect the well-being, performance and success of the organization.Picture9-4

Many EAPs only provide participants with a list of “available” providers in their area and then leave the responsibility of calling the names on the list to the participant.  On average, only 40 percent of providers on the list answer or return the participant’s calls.  About 20 percent of the providers on the list are still accepting EAP referrals or new cases and only 8-14 percent can offer an appointment within three weeks.  This is a time consuming and frustrating process for participants, especially for those in distress.  

High-touch EAPs get individuals connected to the right level of care and follow up to ensure progress and positive outcomes.

How to tell if an EAP is high-touch:

  • Are the individuals who answer the participant’s call employees of the vendor or is their call center outsourced?
  • Is the person who answers the phone a master’s level EAP expert?
  • Does the person who answers the phone provide his/her direct phone number and email to the caller and offer dedicated ongoing support?
  • Is the person dedicated from initial call through the close of the case?
  • Is the person responsible for securing initial appointments and for connecting participant to a provider and/or appropriate, available and affordable resources?
  • Does the person check in regularly with participant to ensure satisfaction and progress?
  • Does the person assigned to the case provide in-the-moment support before or between EAP sessions?

BHS’ Signature Care Coordination Model has been a proprietary and differentiating feature of their program since 1996.  This signature process ensures all parties involved in a participant’s care stay informed and involved from the start to a successful conclusion.  BHS Care Coordination ensures no participant falls through the cracks, ensures all participants’ needs are identified and addressed and guarantees the best possible outcome for participants and the organization.3-6

BHS positions itself as a workplace partner and offers services designed to reduce behavioral risk:

  • Awareness campaigns/events
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • Employer referral and compliance reporting
  • EAP with care coordination
  • Management consultation/training
  • On-site coach, counselor or consultant
  • Policy review and consultation
  • Training to combat negative trends 

BHS recognizes that focusing on all aspects of well-being is important that is why they offer a full suite of wellness services to integrate with their EAP solution.  Providing services that help the whole person aligns perfectly with their mission to “better the lives of employees so they bring their best selves to work each day”!


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