Cappa Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Ray Lyons, CEO of Cappa Health, to demonstrate the quantifiable outcomes that can be achieved by a provider that's fully-recognized by the CDC for delivering a high-touch digital health program focused on impacting obesity and chronic behavioral health related epidemics in the U.S.

Did you know that Cappa Health was the 3rd virtual provider to be "Fully Recognized" by the CDC for sustained engagement and weight loss?  The CDC only provides "Full Recognition" to organizations who have demonstrated sustained program engagement and outcomes. 

Cappa Health is a mobile health platform leading the delivery for intense behavioral counseling in weight management and chronic disease prevention programs.  Their programs include:

  • Lifestyle Management Program
  • Weight Management Program
  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Program

Cappa helps reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases thought their engaging and effective 12-month program, during which each participant is paired with a personal health coach and online peer group for help and support.  They offer many user features that help each participant reach their goal, such as:Picture2-1

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Engaging Curriculum
  • Access Anytime/Anywhere
  • Easy Tracking
  • Exercise Tracking
  • Meal Tracking
  • Messaging
  • Community

Cappa’s unique approach provides an updated evidence-based curriculum (CDC approved), the high-touch guidance of a Registered Dietitian “LifeStyle Coach”, a supportive social network, and digital tracking tools (digital scale, pedometer, mobile app).   

“Cappa’s high-touch program gives payers, employers, and participants the confidence that individual nutritional needs will be addressed whenever necessary” and their designation of "Full Recognition" by the CDC is a testament to the results they've been able to demonstrate. 


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