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DailyEndorphin – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Jeffrey Mann and Steve Clark, co-founders of DailyEndorphin, to provide a comprehensive overview of their highly configurable, intuitive wellness challenges solution along with a live demo of their user experience.


DailyEndorphin offers a flexible, cost effective wellness challenges platform that allows participants to focus on the main habits of their choosing and at their convenience.  Whether it’s exercise, nutrition, steps or weight maintenance, wellness challenges, when done correctly, are still one of the best tools to both engage employees in wellness and enable behavior change.

DailyEndorphin’s online wellness challenge tool and scheduler includes both team-based or individual-based wellness challenges that are DIY and integrate with many fitness devices with their mobile-app integration.  They also offer a wellness programs manager module where Admins can schedule all of their wellness initiatives within the DaiyEndorphin platform and track employee participation.

At its core, DailyEndorphin’s program is about peer motivation, support, and accountability within one’s social networks.  Using the site’s interactive tools, those uber-fit and healthy individuals can easily encourage their peers with helpful exercise and nutrition tips.  At the same time, the inclusive focus allows those less inclined to participate to join in on the fun given the safe workplace environment.  By displaying group members’ stats, participants are accountable to others to help the entire team win the challenge with little or no additional external motivation required.

DailyEndorphin’s tool also allows employers to schedule annual programs that include wellness challenges, online surveys, and events (health fairs, flu shots, seminars, etc).  The dashboard features an intuitive user interface to configure the date, time and location of events, whether the event is optional or required, recurring or one-time, and more all within minutes.  There is also a premium service offered if you prefer to have DailyEndorphin implement the Picture2-29program and manage it for you on an ongoing basis.  Premium add-ons also include white labeling, SSO and specialty reporting on an a la carte basis.

For less than the cost of a catered lunch, DailyEndoprhin’s wellness challenge platform is extremely affordable and can standalone for those new to corporate wellness initiatives or plug into an existing wellness solution. 


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