Go365 - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Jake Lewellen, Regional Well-being Practice Leader at Humana, to present new findings from the Go365 Five-Year Study, which revealed how Go365 played a role in healthier behaviors, minimized increases to healthcare costs, a reduced number of emergency room visits, and improved productivity for employees.

Go365 is a comprehensive wellness and rewards solution whose approach is:Picture4-26


A holistic approach to wellness with robust program options to inspire and engage employees
Rooted in behavioral economics to improve health with actuarially optimized incentives
Rewards and incentives for education, prevention, healthy living, and fitness
Secure online and mobile consumer experience


Complements your organization’s vision and culture
Provides multiple paths to participation and engagement for employees
Ability for your organization to reward customized activities


Experienced client support team with ability to provide local support nationally
Access to Go365’s online client portal packed with collateral, such as emails, webinars, toolkits, etc. to provide turnkey communications
Ongoing support from dedicated Client Engagement Professionals for contribution strategies and member engagement activity


Humana, Go365’s company, is committed to improving the health of those they serve by 20 percent by 2020, by focusing on:

TRUST: They’re building trust with clinical and community leaders

PARTICIPATION: They already see an increase in participation in clinical programs

BEHAVIOR CHANGE: Health screenings and medication adherence are improving, leading to stable health conditions

LOWER COSTS: Lower out-of-pocket costs for patients

IMPROVED HEALTH: Collective efforts lead to improved patient health, improved community health and more Healthy DaysPicture2-39


In 2018, active Go365 members took small steps that can lead to big changes in their health:

46 minutes more weekly physical activity per member

42 more servings of fruits and vegetables per member per day

6% of members have lost an average of 11.8 lbs. in body weight

1% decrease in smokers



Some of Go365’s differentiators are:


ROOTED IN BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS: we understand what influences member engagement

Behavior change requires meeting employees where they are in their wellness journey

Motivating employees with a variety of options empowers ownership over their well-being


PERSONALIZATION AND RISK STRATIFICATION: we evaluate risk factors and build a program specific to member needs

Scientific approach to rewarding members based on cost-avoidance factor

Wellness program based on actuarial science


INVESTMENT AND UNDERSTANDING OF BOOK OF BUSINESS: we manage a fully insured book of business

VOI (value on investment) – outcome analysis of participation and the value you can expect

Participation can translate into wellness credits and premium discounts


DEDICATED CLIENT ENGAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS: we have 100+ across the nation to help ensure your success

Bring a passion of wellness to help grow and shape the culture of your company

Ongoing support for contribution strategies, employer-sponsored events and member engagement



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