Health Advocate - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited Jeff Skelton and Stacey Anger with Health Advocate to introduce their two new wellness product “bundles”: Well-being Select and Well-being 360.

Health Advocate’s Well-being Bundles combine risk identification, claims data, clinical outreach, engagement tools, an interactive wellness portal and personal coaching to close gaps in care and support employees along their well-being journey, while maximizing employer cost savings.   Here’s why bundling programs is valuable:



  • It enhances coaching services to include management of chronic medical conditions to impact medical costs and outcomes
  • It increases engagement in all programs through collaboration and cross referrals by >20%
  • It integrates biometric screening results to broaden early disease identification
  • It enhances and simplifies your incentive strategy


What’s more, these bundles reduce the administrative burden on you and your clients: no more cobbling together multiple vendors (that never quite mesh) to accomplish what this one comprehensive, integrated program can do. 

Health Advocate analyzes medical claims, lab and screening results, and HRA responses to identify associates at risk, which allows them to deliver highly personalized support tailored to each person’s unique needs.  The results are used to coach at the point of contact, deliver healthy reminders, and to close gaps in care.  Here are some things that make Health Advocate stand out:

  • Single, independent source for health, wellness and lifestyle support services
  • Holistic focus on members
  • Engages members at all levels of care and multiple modalities to reach every employee
  • Leverages data to drive member behavior changes
  • Improves compliance with preventive and chronic care services
  • Independent of health plans and providers; easy to establish members’ trust
  • Supported by in-house integrated team
  • Flexibility to manage many goals, objectives and timetables
  • Ability to grow as client’s strategy evolves

Wellness has evolved from a workplace perk to an essential ingredient in an organization’s workforce strategy.  Tune in to learn how Health Advocate elevates workplace wellness into a total population health solution. 


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