HealthFitness - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Brian Harrigan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Development, to discuss how HealthFitness has expanded their reach with the release of their new engagement platform.

For more than 42 years, HealthFitness has been helping clients achieve better health by partnering with them as a comprehensive wellbeing provider with a single purpose: to make people healthier by helping them choose better, feelPicture6-1 better, and improve their wellbeing.  Today, HealthFitness is excited to announce that they are now offering their large group experiences to clients with as few as 500 employees to further serve the marketplace.

HealthFitness’ new engagement platform integrates the company’s products and services:

  • Engagement Professionals: tasked with marketing and communication strategy and serve as the client’s daily point of contact and primary liaison to HealthFitness.
  • Screenings: offered onsite and managed through their iPad technology, which allows for a 24-hour upload into the Engagement Platform and Health Assessment
  • Coaching: for lifestyle and condition management offered onsite or digitally via phone and online messaging
  • Fitness & Recreation: offered via virtual fitness classes
  • Education: offered via Lunch and Learns (onsite and virtual) and health improvement programs that target specific health risks
  • Assessments: offered online, onsite, or in paper format
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment: designed to lower the cost of injury and illness by creating and sustaining a healthy work environment
  • Wellness Challenges: drives wellness program participation
  • Benefits Advocacy: onsite and telephonic
  • MyNurse 24/7: nurses are available at all timesPicture1-20

HealthFitness’ new engagement platform showcases how a consumer-centric approach to well-being personalization can improve employee engagement and healthy behaviors.  The new platform also:

  • Seamlessly integrates wellness, fitness and recreation and injury prevention and treatment
  • Connects the right people to the right resources at the right time for a truly personalized experience
  • Helps participants realize the full value of their wellness and benefits offering


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