Inspera Health - Meet a Vendor


Shortlister hosted Lee Murphy, CEO/Founder at Inspera Health, to learn how to transform the health of individuals with five or more lifelong multiple chronic conditions. (MCCs)

FACT: Employers continue to focus on high cost claimants as a top priority.

Star 50% of your members between the ages of 45 & 64 have MCCs.

Star12% have 5+ MCCs representing 40+% of your health care spend.

Star20% of members account for 80+% of your health care spend.

Most health improvement solutions were created to address single, specific conditions.  When there are multiple chronic conditions, managing those conditions becomes very complex.  Furthermore, most conditions, once present, typically require lifelong management for sustained change and this requires lifestyle improvement.

Inspera Health is a health improvement company with over 20 years of laser-focused experience targeting high cost claimants with multiple chronic conditions (MCCs).  Their validated metrics for measuring investment and health outcomes are part of a comprehensive large claim reduction strategy. 



tenureHave 50% longer tenure than average (not career mobile)

behavioral75% have behavioral health conditions, which amplify other conditions

targetAre not identified as a strategic target focus

dollarHave higher risk and 10x to 30x higher cost over a multi-year period



Because of the complexities associated with having 5+ MCCs, short-term, digital solutions will NOT produce sustainable outcomes.  According to the AHRQ (a division of HHS) MCC Research Network findings, effective management attributes consider the following:

People with MCCs are more than just a collection of diseases

Patient preferences and values need to be assimilated

Consideration of the person in context of their relationships

Inclusion of mental health care as an integral part of health



1. Recruitment and Enrollment – varied length

2. Assessment and Plan Development – 0-80 days

3. Core Program – 12-18 months

4. Graduation Preparation – 2-4 months


program overview


1:1 HEALTH IMPROVEMENT SUPPORT and program services included are:

Intake, including comprehensive clinical behavioral health assessment

Ongoing health improvement coaching

Behavioral health counseling

Biometric screening

Nutrition counseling

Fitness membership / Personal trainer

Financial counseling

Massage therapy

Licensed, independent external resources for assessment and impact measurement (mental health, physical health, health activation, biometrics, participant satisfaction)

55 – 125 hours of one-on-one support for each participant PLUS facilitated group education and health transformation sessions



In a 5-year Client Case Study, the impact of Inspera Health resulted in over 85% of participants reporting improved health.

71 perc 

      Weight Loss: 71% lost an average of 4%


90 perc


    Physical Activity: 90% had an average increase of 600%


38 perc


   38% overall improved health based on 10 separate clinical and behavioral measures



ROI: 2.5x return on investment




Your customized report will identify opportunities for impact in your MCC population, such as:

Identify members with multiple lifelong chronic conditions showing cost per # of conditions

Impact by age and tenure

Additional condition acquisition rate AND future cost estimate for those with 3, 4, 5+ MCC

Identification of Inspera Health eligible invitation cohort

You can then review this invitation cohort to see: historical costs, historical health improvement engagement, average age/tenure – to assess if any current options are effective with this group

Cost and liability projection for the expected engaged portion of cohort

Inspera Health’s value proposition, health improvement results and guarantees



Inspera Health guarantees that their program will achieve a 30% improvement in the graduating population.  If improvement targets are not met, the program costs are commensurately reduced.  With that guarantee option, there is a pay-for-performance incentive that can be earned for meeting specific targets.  Inspera Health also offers a full fee at risk and shared savings financial guarantee. 30% cost reduction on program graduates is guaranteed, or all fees are commensurately refunded. With this guarantee, if a 30% cost reduction is achieved, all additional savings are split between the client and Inspera Health (shared savings).



With a 10% invitation engagement rate you should see a 1% reduction in your future total plan spend, Inspera Health guarantees not only ROI, but a healthier employee population as well.


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