MeYou Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Trapper Markelz, Chief Executive Officer at MeYou Health, to introduce its clinically effective, zero-maintenance digital wellness platform optimized for the SMB market and its robust "social networking" capabilities.

MeYou Health is perfect for small to mid-sized employers with limited wellness budgets or those that don't want to be locked into long-term contracts.  This platform is also a natural choice for companies launching their first wellness program, since it's incredibly easy to set up.  It is unique in 3 key ways:

  • Turn-Key Platform: Can get an employer up and running within a day
  • Clinical Trials: Conducting randomized, controlled trials allows MeYou Health to quantify behavior change
  • Open Social: Each participant joins the overall well-being community and can invite family and friends to participate with them for maximum support

The MeYou Health platform delivers therapeutic social networks that ignite well-being improvement at the individual level, driving achievement of critical customer objectives: improved engagement, measurable behavior change, and greater program satisfaction across your entire population.  Here’s who this platform is best for:

  • Small Groups: they are optimized for small-medium employers (<500 employees)
  • Technology-friendly: their programs rely heavily on participants being comfortable with, and eager to use web, mobile, social networks, email, and SMS-based programs
  • Focused on the individual: their programs focus on providing content, community, and services to the individual employee without requiring the use of incentives or a traditional “wellness event” model

MeYou Health delivers a wellness program that is turn-key, runs itself, and delivers engagement and clinical impact.  Their platform delivers health education via small action each morning.  Over 45 different well-being areas are delivered daily via email, SMS, or push notifications.  Some of the daily challenges they offer include:

  • Better Weight: a condensed version of Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). A four-month, cohort-based digital intervention that gives participants one action to take each day, based on the CDC content
  • Walkadoo: participants receive a custom step goal each morning. It is not about walking 10,000 steps per day, it’s about learning to add a few more steps each day in a way that fits your lifestyle
  • Walking Challenges: participants can create a weeklong race (derby) against friends, family, or coworkers
  • Team Competition: companies can run a turn-key team competition across their employee population that focuses on personal goal completion vs. raw step counts that favor the already active
  • Quitnet: the longest running online community for smoking cessation has helped 250,000+ people quit. Participants join the community, learn how to set a quit date, and receive support and encouragement from other participants who have successfully quit and “been there”


MeYou Health’s mission is to bring a comprehensive wellness program to underserved small employers who want to invest in wellness resources for their employees, but haven’t had an efficient, cost-effective option before.


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