New Ocean Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited the New Ocean Health Solutions team to present their new app, The Voyage®.  What we found interesting was the clean user experience (UX) of this app and New Ocean’s ability to disrupt the marketplace by offering such an aggressively priced industry-best platform. 

New Ocean’s core management team has vast experience with a deep-rooted history of pioneering innovative technology solutions in both the global travel and healthcare industries.   With a proven track-record of transforming industries, New Ocean’s team has:d8b136a052235a9f64c02727264f4cebe9b42795.jpg

  • Created and introduced the first corporate travel management solution to help global corporations control and manage expenses
  • Designed and patented a marketplace that enabled corporations to maximize travel efficiency and savings
  • Built Rosenbluth International into the second largest travel firm in the world, employing 6,000 across 40 countries, generating $6B in annual sales
  • Reimagined the role of the pharmacy and created Take Care Health Systems, which has grown to over 400 retail health clinics nationwide and implemented a proprietary EMR interface with pharmacists, providers, and other healthcare entities to make patient visits effective, pleasant and efficient
  • Developed New Ocean’s mobile-first, open digital healthcare platform designed to integrate with B2B clients to support population health initiatives and various other areas while drawing on expertise in behavioral economics, behavior change principles and design innovation

In January New Ocean announced a revolutionary price for its mobile-first solution, which employs the latest science on behavior change and behavioral economics.  They are committed to providing an enterprise health platform that includes a lifestyle management suite along with a full chronic condition management suite, with personalized programs, tools and content to motivate people to improve and manage their health.  


Here are some of the things that make New Ocean’s app unique:

  • It delivers the “right content at the right time” to meet the user’s unique needs and goals
  • The mobile-first platform drives user engagement by capitalizing on the capabilities of mobile devices
  • It consumes and synthesizes data about each individual; using this data, this platform identifies personalized health goals and recommends programs, activities, and content that is relevant for each individual user based on their health status and lifestyle
  • It also integrates with over 375 third-party devices and mobile health applications, claims data, biometric data, and a variety of client resources


During the presentation, New Ocean also discussed their wide range of capabilities, from traditional wellness elements to a robust chronic condition management suite.



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