Omada Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Sean Duffy, CEO and Co-Founder of Omada Health, to find out what's new with the Omada® Program.

Omada empowers people at risk for obesity-related chronic disease through clinically supported and evidence-based programs to build healthy habits that last.  They are the largest CDC-recognized provider of the National Diabetes Capture2Prevention Program and have enrolled more than 150,000 participants.  Omada has also published four new peer reviewed studies since 2016 and launched the largest clinical trial of digital DPP in 2018.  

Omada’s key to consumer engagement success is its internally-built, comprehensive, therapeutics platform.  Their platform adapts to each participant’s chronic disease risks, since no two participants are alike.  Here’s a brief step-by-step of their offering:

  1. Preparation (Kick Off)

    • Awareness – Clinical Enrollment and Marketing: Effective enrollment campaigns are tailored to each customer’s unique population.
  2. Foundations (Months 1-4)

    • Engagement & Connection – Tools and Technology: The welcome kit arrives to participants and includes the Omada scale, which is a digital werscale connected wirelessly to the participant’s Omada account. On average, participants engage in Omada 31+ times per week.
    • Encouragement & Accountability – Peer Group: Each participant has a strong social network assigned to them for support, feedback, and accountability.
    • Guidance & Support – Omada Coach: Each participant is supported by a professional health coach.
    • Interactive Training – Lessons: Every week new lessons are available on the platform (with visuals, interactive elements, prompts, games, etc).
  3. Focus (Months 5 & On)

    • Program Deepens – Refine Skills and Habits: Participants decide what they would like to do next and they set up their own goals (ex. lose more weight, maintain weight, etc).

Within 12 months, the average Omada participant lowers their 5-year risk for type 2 diabetes by 30 percent, stroke by 16 percent, and heart disease by 13 percent.  After 16 weeks, participants, on average, lose 4-5% of their body weight and Omada’s two-year data shows they've kept most of it off. 

Omada Health operates on a pay-for-outcomes pricing model.  Based on average participant results, health plans and employers are projected to regain their investment in Omada’s program within two years, and more importantly, they will reach a predicted net savings of more than $2,000 per participant.Capture3

The accomplishment of Omada’s program can be attributed to their investment to ensure the following:

  • Evidence-Based
  • Peer-Reviewed Research
  • Outcomes-Based Pricing
  • Operational Capabilities
  • Security and Compliance
  • Data and Personalization
  • Commitment to Innovation

Omada Health is one of the top organizations out there that is reshaping the chronic disease conversation to put patients—not problems—first. 


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