Orthus Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Connie Mester, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Orthus Health, to introduce their comprehensive solution.

Orthus Health identifies modifiable disease risks, enabling employers to implement relevant interventions to help employees avoid chronic diseases.  They leverage an epidemiological model to strengthen the level of predictability and identify the relationships that drive disease risk and healthcare costs.  Through this, employers can attempt to lower their healthcare costs and measure their financial investments in employee health and wellness. 

Their products and services include:

  • Enterprise Analytics:

    • Predictive Analytics: direct decisions on how to manage health risk and avoid costs
    • Analytics Dashboard & Query Tool: query and discover what is driving present and future costs and begin to understand modifications to make across plan design and wellness interventions
    • Population Health Management Report: actionable overview of risks and opportunities to manage health risk, offer more relevant interventions, and measure program ROI
    • Know Your Number Disease Risk Tracker: precisely targets modifiable risk factors
  • Integrated Platform:

    • Lab & Biometric Screening
    • My Pathway to Health
    • Incentive Management

  • Support & Service:

    • Lifestyle & Disease Management Health Coaching
    • Targeted Behavior Change Programs
    • Extensive Customized Communication
    • Dedicated Account Manager


If you are not familiar with Orthus Health, you might be familiar with the companies that have been combined to create it.  Orthus Health is combination of:man-3230661_1920

  • BioSignia - You're likely familiar with the "Know Your Numbers" (KYN) health risk assessment and index utilized by employers and other wellness vendors
  • Strategic Health Services - A full-service provider with a specialty working with Health Systems (and their community clients) and employers
  • Human Factor Analytics - A robust, analytics and reporting solution
  • Doctors Direct Healthcare - A comprehensive wellness, health coaching & disease management solution, with a strong emphasis on on-site support


Orthus uses their outcomes-based Know Your NumberĀ® disease risk tracker and Enterprise Analytics platform to minimize the life consequences and costs of chronic disease.  


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