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SuperBetter At Work – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Michael Peterson with SuperBetter At Work, to introduce their mental well-being solution, which helps employees build resilience.Capture1-1

SuperBetter At Work is a digital resilience solution that can be accessed by employees on their computer, smartphone or other devices.  It is designed to engage employees to be stronger — at work and for life.  Created by researcher and award-winning game designer Jane McGonigal, SuperBetter has helped nearly a million people so far achieve goals and tackle challenges; and its resilience-building benefits are backed by published studies.  Now SuperBetter At Work brings the proven SuperBetter methodology to the workplace. 

With today’s workforce facing unprecedented change and stress, building resilience is quickly becoming an essential component of modern employee well-being strategies.  In their program, SuperBetter At Work includes ten life goal Capture3-3areas to meet the evolving needs and interests of the workforce and promotes growth across 4 types of resilience: Physical, Social, Mental, and Emotional.  In just minutes a day the SuperBetter At Work program:

  • Equips employees with a gameful mindset to achieve goals and tackle challenges in real life
  • Unlocks gameful skills like extreme motivation, optimism, teamwork, and creativity
  • Builds small habits that last
  • Fosters collaboration between peers, teams, and across the company

SuperBetter At Work is an exciting, new and different way to engage employees for a stronger, more resilient organization and workforce that is more productive, more engaged, and more prepared to take on their biggest challenges.


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