U.S. Preventive Medicine - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Dr. Ron Loeppke, Vice Chairman, and Scott Helfrich, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, who shared how U.S. Preventive Medicine’s comprehensive, world class wellness solution has proven that wellness works and prevention pays – when done in the right ways. 

For USPM, the right ways start with their whole population-whole person data-first approach and unparalleled commitment to evidence-based preventive medicine.  Their solution seeks to transform the “River of Illness” into aPicture30 “River of Wellness” by utilizing:

  • Primary Prevention: keeping healthy people healthy and not allowing them to fall into the “River of Illness” in the first place
  • Secondary Prevention: detection by screening and early diagnosis of conditions rather than waiting for a crisis
  • Tertiary Prevention: evidence-based disease/care management so a person that has a chronic condition like diabetes can be the best diabetic they can be

USPM believes the true value of population health management is attained by mining the right data, translating that data into knowledge, converting that knowledge into action and transforming actions into sustainable behavior change for the individual as well as clinical and financial results for the employer.  USPM leverages both external and member-generated sources including:Picture34

  • Medical and Pharmacy Claims
  • Specific Health Risk related Lab Results
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Health & Wellbeing Assessments
  • Health Risk and Disease Acuity Risk Scores
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Personal Health Risks/Needs Interests/Goals
  • Wearable Devices/Trackers
  • Surveys
  • Other Wellness/Population Health Management Data

This data is then used to create individualized, prioritized, real-time Preventive Plans that support ongoing engagement and behavior change using the latest in machine-learning and branching-logic technology.  Depending on a member’s unique needs, their care plan may include self-guided programs, lifestyle management health coaching programs or disease management programs supported by nurse care managers to deliver the most compelling medical, financial and personal (lifesaving) results possible. 

USPM’s methodologies and outcomes have been validated by multiple sources including published studies in peer reviewed medical journals, independently validated results by the Health Validation Institute and accreditation from the NCQA for Wellness and Health Promotion with Performance Reporting.  They are so confident in their ability to deliver results that USPM offers a performance guarantee - putting their fees at risk in two primary areas depending on services purchased: health risk reduction (the burden of health risk) and medical claims cost reduction (utilization).


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