Vida Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited Stephanie Tilenius, the CEO of Vida Health, to talk more about the important updates to the Vida Health solution and their new partnership with the Vitality Group

Vida Health is dedicated to helping employees overcome chronic mental and physical health problems, once and for all.  Vida has a unique "horizontal platform" that provides evidence-based programs targeting chronic conditions such as DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program), Diabetes Management, Hypertension, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (for stress, anxiety and depression) as well as Coaching for over 20 chronic conditions.2-2.jpg

Coaches and therapists are at the heart of Vida, each customer gets a coach or therapist that builds a trusted, personal relationship.  All of Vida’s coaches and therapists have at least 5 years of experience and 90% of coaches have multiple certifications relevant to their focus area, which include:

  • General Wellness
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Behavioral Health

Vida's mobile app, which includes 30+ trackers and 100+ application and device integrations, helps their coaches enable behavior change through unique plans, tailored to each individual’s goals.  Every user can choose a Vida bundle that works best for them:

  • Vida for Lifestyle: access to Vida’s lifestyle coaching and wellness programs, including exercise, weight loss, stress and resilience, and smoking cessation. Also comes with prediabetes/DPP and hypertension programs
  • Vida for Chronic: access to Vida’s specialty coaching and chronic condition programs, including prediabetes/DPP, hypertension, diabetes and COPD/asthma
  • Vida for Behavioral Health: access to Vida’s licensed therapists and behavioral health programs, including stress and resilience, anxiety, and depression
  • Vida for Diabetes: access to Vida’s Certified Diabetes Educators (or Registered Dietitians), and prediabetes/DPP and diabetes programs

Each Vida program is based on a behavior change modules that can be tailored to the unique needs of each user and each behavior change module is structured to meet the user where they are and actively adapts to their rate of progress in the program.  Here are some reasons for why clients choose Vida:3-1.jpg

  • Very personalized experience – ability to choose own health coach
  • Manage multiple conditions
  • Focus on prevention, management, and reversal
  • Leading engagement, outcomes, and satisfaction
  • Preferred vendor for Castlight, Vitality, Meliora
  • Seamless bundle with devices and ability to integrate 100+ devices.


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