Virta Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited Bill Snyder, Enterprise Partnerships Lead at Virta Health, to present an overview of how Virta Health is reversing Type 2 Diabetes and improving the cardiovascular health of patients at scale, safely and sustainably.

Virta Health is a physician led online clinic and currently practicing medicine in all 50 states across the US.  Their peer-reviewed and published research shows that the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes can happen quickly, and their results do last.  Here are some results of their program from year one of the 5 year clinical trial:

  • 94% of insulin users reduced or eliminated usage by or at 1 year
  • 60% of patients reversed their Type 2 Diabetes by or at 1 year - defined as lowering A1c below 6.5%
  • 3% Average HbA1c reduction by or at 1 year

Type 2 Diabetes is not the only condition that Virta Health is able to improve.  Their program can also:Capture 1-3

  • Reduce Inflammation: 39% - average reduction in hs-CRP by or at 1 year
  • Lower Triglycerides: 24% - average reduction in triglycerides by or at 1 year
  • Improve Liver Function: 29% - average reduction in ALT by or at 1 year
  • Decrease Insulin Resistance: 55% - average reduction in HOMA-IR by or at 1 year

Virta’s program includes continuous physician supervision, personalized dietary guidance and health coaching, all of the supplies (except for EKG), biomarker tracking and curated resources, and private patient community.  Their program can also help participants save money on medications, ER/hospital visits, workplace absenteeism, medical equipment, specialized visits, and workers’ compensation claims.  The Virta physicians will de-prescribe medications for patients as the treatment progresses.

Check out this webinar for more in-depth information on these key topics:Capture 2-2

  • Virta’s outcomes-based, bundled payment approach to providing care, going at risk for 50% of fees on a per-patient basis for clinical outcomes
  • Funding the cost of care through claims, minimizing administrative costs for your clients
  • The peer-reviewed and published outcomes that Virta is achieving both in clinical trials and for larger enterprise clients
  • A fuller perspective on a new category altogether in diabetes care



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