Wellness Coaches - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Amber Boyer, Senior Manager of Client Services at Wellness Coaches, who unveiled Wellness Coaches’ latest industry leading employee engagement, health risk reduction and cost containment outcomes from their 2019 Book of Business Outcomes Report.

Wellness Coaches onsite coaching model delivers programs to inspire action and lasting behavior change while creating cultures of Health and Wellbeing.  Their model is face-to-face, 1-on-1 support through Health Coaching and Nutrition Counseling.  They also work closely with onsite safety to coach for injury prevention and total worker health.  Since each generation requires a slightly different method of engagement for healthy change, Wellness Coaches uses technology as a compliment to their highly personalized face-to-face model – not a replacement for it.

In addition to their coaching, Wellness Coaches also provides:Picture5-3

  • Biometric testing for blood pressure, body composition, BMI, and waist circumference: This gives employees real-time, valuable insights into their current health status and helps them monitor results ongoingly to share with their doctor.
  • Coaches that work with individuals and groups to prevent injuries and help employees become safer workers: They focus on healthier habits for total worker health, worker readiness to stay mindful and focused on the job, and situational awareness to monitor their workspaces and ensure safer work environments.
  • Coaching sessions for family members: This can include when an employer allows spouses or dependents to come onsite for coaching or can be provided through a telephonic or video-based platform.
  • Extended reach through remote coaching sessions: This allows them to successfully engage with work-from-home employees, remote sales forces, and other difficult to reach populations.
  • Customized programs, activities, and event support: These services help them to further drive engagement by creating a culture of health and wellness throughout the organization.

Wellness Coaches’ comprehensive approach to employee engagement and population health risk reduction has allowed them to effectively move away from the transactional model of programming that is expert driven and rooted in information and education, aimed at groups, and often delivered through a remote portal.  Instead, their model shifts towards a client centered approach rooted in behavior change science and evidenced based practices that are customized to the needs of the individual and engage more people across all stages of change.  Because of this, their approach integrates into how, where, and when each employee works, and results in a true culture shift that helps employers attract and retain a healthier workforce.Picture4-23

Wellness Coaches also shared their 2019 Book of Business Outcomes and provided insight into the following topics:

  • How they define employee engagement and the levels of engagement they have achieved across the 400,000 eligible lives their Coaches have access to.
  • The health risk outcomes that they measure across all employees and employers and how these health risk reductions impact your populations and your organization.
  • How they coach to consistently achieve exceptional outcomes for the populations they serve.


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