Wellness Corporate Solutions - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kelly Geppi, VP of Sales at Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), to learn how WCS has upgraded their participant portal with a range of benefits for employees over the past year.

WCS is a nationwide provider of biometric screenings, flu shots, health coaching, and other wellness programming that helps employees live healthy and work well.  Since 2004, they have serviced 2.8 million employees across diverse populations nationwide.  They have serviced more than 800 public and private sector clients, including Fortune 100 companies with over 150,000 employees. 

Some of their key differentiators include:4-9

Participant Experience
    • Privacy and Security: strict standards upheld
    • Optional results review with Registered Dietitian
    • 98% participant satisfaction + 4.9 out of 5 stars staff rating
    • 4-minute average wait time at screening events
    • 9000+ W-2 screening staff
    • 1700+ RDs
    • Standard non-screening Event Lead and Registration Coordinator
    • Training: client-specific and role-specific
    • Tablet technology for data transmission and event monitoring: ScreenSmart 3.0
    • Upgraded participant portal: WellConnect Plus
    • WCS Analytics: Real-time, on-demand admin reporting tool
Program Management
    • Dedicated Program Manager
    • High-touch, white glove experience
    • Flexibility and spirit of partnership

As more organizations look to truly engage employees in their wellness programs, WCS has focused on enhancing the participant experience from all angles while maintaining its 98% satisfaction rating across all events.  These improvements include intuitive appointment scheduling, expanded access to off-site screening options, easier access to results, and streamlined communication with health coaches.

Additional improvements slated for a 2019 release include:

  • Immediate Physician Form receipt confirmations
  • On-demand reporting access for admin users
  • Targeted service promotion emails to users (i.e., missed appointments, unused vouchers)
  • Enhanced scheduler event search functionality
  • Improved user account handling regarding verified versus visitor users

1-7WCS plans to continue investing in technology to support ongoing, scalable growth into the future.  Some of the items on their roadmap include:

  • Integration of ScreenSmart and WellConnect Plus scheduling
  • Upgraded customer support platform and integration into all service endpoints
  • ScreenSmart support for venipuncture events
  • ScreenSmart Health Educator interface


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