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WellWorks For You – Archived Presentation


Shortlister hosted Dan Atkinson, Vice President of Business Development with Wellworks For You, to share more about the latest updates on their wellness portal redesign and new product development to their solution.
As internal wellness resources grow increasingly thin within organizations, it helps to have a solution that relieves the administrative burden of the day to day wellness tasks and provide a team of experts to drive the wellness program. Wellworks For You provides a full solution and hub to all wellness programs, using cutting edge technology and a forward-thinking philosophy for ease-of-use for members and client administrators.

Your Own Dedicated Wellness TeamWW4u Team

A dedicated wellness team will provide services to:
Answer any employee questions or concerns via call center
Provide expertise within the wellness program strategy
Verify incentive tracking
Conduct the day-to-day operation of the program
Customize emails, event and program reminders, surveys, etc.
And much more…
Members receive targeted communications via phone messaging, mail, text, email, video, and app/push notifications. Factors for targeted communication include signup status, age, gender, metric range, and last login.

Know Your Number HRA

Wellworks For You’s Know Your Number HRA will help identify low, moderate and high risk areas, as well as the future risk of your population. This unique health risk assessment:
Identifies the top five chronic conditions employees are susceptible to today, and also in the next five years
Identifies the percentage of avoiding those conditions by getting into a wellness program
Provides a personalized reduction plan
Graphically communicates various chronic disease risks
Provides age and gender matched risk comparisons
Uses evidence-based, disease-risk modeling
Addresses both wellness and disease management
Great resource when establishing ROI

one-on-one coaching

Health coaches, consisting of registered nurses and dieticians, nutritionists, fitness trainers, smoking cessation counselors, and more, provide members with one-on-one telephonic coaching on the following topics:
WW4u Coaching
Weight management
Proper exercise
Stress management
Smoking cessation
Coronary Artery Disease
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Congestive Heart Failure
Members who are identified as “at risk” will be provided with additional one-on-one coaching through their Chronic Care Management Programs for conditions such as diabetes, weight management, musculoskeletal, heart disease, and more, and through targeted communications and e-learning.

ChallengesWW4u Rewards

Wellworks For You will also help you design a challenge that will motivate participants to complete various healthy habits with customized goals. These healthy habits include steps, sleep, nutrition, financial wellness, fitness, water consumption, etc. Participants can track their progress on a real-time dashboard and earn rewards and prizes. Programs can be customized based on components, tracking, outcomes, health coaching, and hybrid incentive solutions.

the WellBalance program

Wellworks For You rounds out their solution with an in-depth mental wellbeing program, WellBalance. The WellBalance 10-month program includes:
WW4u WellBalance
Months 1-2   MindQ Wellbeing Assessment (including emotional health, life satisfaction and
Months 3-4   Focus 5 Emotional Intelligence Program
Months 5-7   Targeted Video Education or Coaching
Months 8-9   Gamification and Journaling
Month 10      Gauge Your Program and Resiliency Survey
Wellworks will promote the current EAP for each client or replace it and promote via the targeted communication dashboard.

Wellworks For You works to identify where there is risk and provide the necessary communication to help those members in certain instances. Their latest 2019 enhancements reflect an ongoing dedication to improving their user experience with an extensive portal redesign and thoughtful expansion of programming based on clients’ needs and marketplace trends.


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