e4 Health - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Terry Cox, E4 Health’s SVP of Business Development in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to give an overview of E4 Health’s solutions and to introduce what’s new in 2016.

Currently, E4 Health has over 2 million members covered across the U.S. with well over700 clients. In 2015, E4 Health's CEO and President were both nominated for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award, and E4 Health was recognized in Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine as a top ten PHM company in 2016.

Terry began with an overview of the E4 Health strategy and mission: to reposition behavioral expertise and leverage technology in order to improve population health/wellbeing and reduce costs with an emphasis on proactive outreach. Terry also explained “the four E’s”: Evaluate, Engage, Empower, Effect; which are the basis of the company name.

Following the overview of E4 Health and its mission, Terry explained their platform: E4 Health's Integrated Model which allows them to take data from their EAP program, wellness coaching, RX, claims, screenings, disability claims, and run this data through their proprietary algorithms to identify challenges facing each participating member. According to Terry, this model gives E4 Health a significantly better chance of producing better outcomes for each member.

Next on the agenda was the announcement of E4 Health's new programs, features, and components for 2016. Terry began with e4 Health's goal to become the premier pay toolbox with a new prescription drug therapeutic equivalency tool to average 21% savings per participant. Next, he discussed how their new partnership with SmartShopper’s member education for medical devices can bring up to a 9 to 1 ROI. Lastly, Terry announced that E4 Health is working on a telehealth partnership to optimize their EAP Worklife services.

Terry wrapped up the webinar by going over E4 Health’s key differentials:

• Psychosocial variables that are proven to impact health outcomes
• Data integration (Proprietary Algorithms)
• Sustainable Engagement (positive psychology)
• Wellbeing focus (ROV vs ROI)
• Expert understanding of Business
• Outcome bases measurement.


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E4 Health, Inc. offers wellness and employee assistance program (EAP) services, and behavioral health risk management programs. The company offers various health solutions, such as LifeScope, an EAP program; LifeChoice, an EAP program that transforms passive utilization into a proactive outcome focused service; LifeLync, a behavior based population health management program; and wellness solutions for health risk assessments.