Optum - Meet a Vendor

Optum was invited to participate in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar. The Shortlister staff had been regularly hearing from consultant partners that their employer clients are struggling to integrate disparate programs and are therefore struggling with achieving strong engagement across their populations.

Optum’s survey of the market shows strong interest in wellness solutions, but identified that a consumer-centric focus is imperative moving forward. Eric Santa (Sr. Vice President) and Steve Geiger (Vice President) discussed Optum’s partnership with Rally, outlined Optum’s new mid-market offering (50 – 3,000 lives), and discussed Optum’s approach to creating an “agnostic ecosystem” of providers and solutions that best meet an individual client’s needs.

Recognizing the importance of a personalized consumer-experience, Optum’s partnership with Rally allows individual members to access the programs & resources that are personally relevant based on their goals and health status. Gone are the days of mass-messaging an entire population on diabetes or high blood-pressure. Such campaigns lacked the ability to target relevant communications to specific individuals, thereby desensitizing those members to all future communications. Optum has recognized that in order to drive high levels of participation and engagement in the programs and employer offers, a fundamental first step is ensuring that the communications sent to individual members convey information, advice and recommendations that are personalized and relevant to that individual.

The 2nd step in addressing low engagement in traditional programming, is ensuring accessibility to those resources. Through a robust mobile app and/or dynamic web-based platform, members are able to access a centralized portal that pulls together all of the health-related resources offered by their employer (i.e. wellness program details, health plan information, etc.).

As mid-market employers look to enhance the scope and sophistication of the offerings available to their members, Optum has worked with benefit consultant and employer partners to build a new mid-market offering (50 – 3,000 lives). The goal is to bring the robust offerings typically reserved for the large-market, to mid-market employers that are looking to create a comprehensive offering that integrates “best in class” partners in specific disciplines such as tobacco cessation, diabetes management, sleep, stress/resilience, etc. Optum’s new mid-market solution is structured to support employers through the multi-year journey from just starting a program to building a comprehensive program that support the emotional, financial, social, spiritual & physical well-being of its population.

Questions addressed at the end of the session:

1. A lot of companies are touting personalization. Can you talk about personalization in the context of the Optum/Rally offering?
2. How is Optum expanding the concept of well-being to include social and financial wellness, physical health, as well as resilience and mindfulness?
3. How can Optum help my client to evolve their wellness strategy over time (3-5 year progression)?


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