Plus3 - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Rick Sutton, the CEO of Plus3, in our “Meet-a-Vendor” webinar series to introduce their unique approach to boost wellness participation.

Plus3 blends variety, recognition, and charitable giving to shift the perception of wellness programs in the employee’s mind from an obligation to an opportunity. Plus3 links participation directly with an employer’s philanthropic efforts in a customized online environment based on the employer’s brand and culture. There is a mobile app and health challenges for individuals and teams. The participants choose from a wide variety of healthy actions to trigger personal rewards and corporate sponsored charitable donations. In other words, the healthier the participants live, the more money goes to corporate giving fundraisers.

Following the introduction of Plus3, Rick referred to a Harvard research from 2011, which revealed that an employee is not only more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle when giving to charities, but also feels more connected to the employer. Plus3’s client case studies show increased engagement rates and how partnering with existing corporate giving programs help maintain a low incentive budget. The key activator is the Plus3’s mix of traditional incentives with charitable giving that delivers a long-lasting employee engagement in any company’s wellness program.

Next, Rick explained the process of implementing Plus3’s program. Plus3 creates what is called a company “clubhouse”, which is the customized, secure portal. Employers provide Plus3 with a list of charities that they want to support and work with Plus3 to finalize an incentive design. Rick stressed that every single dollar that is allocated to a charity, is fully donated to that charity and Plus3 does not keep any portion of it. Plus3 also serves as a communication platform that can inform participants of all health activities and wellbeing resources that the employer provides.

To close, Rick touched on Plus3’s recently announced exclusive partnership with DynoSense Corporation to deliver an expanded corporate wellness offering that blends Plus3’s socially-driven wellbeing lifestyle platform with DynoSense’s innovative home health monitoring system and chronic disease management programs, all bundled in easy-to-use web and mobile apps.


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Plus3 uniquely blends personal rewards and company-sponsored charitable giving, improving the one thing that matters most in corporate wellness: consistent participation. You’ll love the results: happier teams, improved health and wellbeing trajectories, and boosted productivity.