ADURO - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Matthew Duncan, VP of Marketing at ADURO, who shared how ADURO customers are finding success using a holistic approach, human intervention and a native experience to get to the heart of what matters most to their employees.

ADURO is entering its second decade in the industry and has an impressive track record working with more than 150 culture-first organizations.  Their solution meets the needs of both mid-market and enterprise organizations across a wide span of industries, with a special focus on healthcare systems.  Today, they have supported and ignited more than 1.5 million lives.

ADURO focuses on the individual, meeting them where they’re at by understanding what is most important to them.  From the moment a person starts using the ADURO app, they are asked about the specific life areas they want to focus on.  Understanding the unique interests of the individual drives a more personalized experience for the user.  Picture2-23ADURO’s solution is inclusive, addressing the total population of an organization.  To do this, ADURO focuses on inspiring all participants including those that are already considered healthy.  

The ADURO advantage breaks down into four core areas:

  • Products that help you listen, discover, and understand the people in your organization
  • A solution that uniquely engages them in a meaningful way
  • Applications that drive understanding and prediction to guide efforts in program design
  • Insights into both the individual and entire organization detailing how they are changing

Their WellMetrics® solution encompasses all areas of measurement from Biometric Screenings to Claims Data and much more.  ADURO also delivers a comprehensive individual experience by providing self-guided programs within the app or web, digital connection to a coaching resource via chat, group sessions that offer collaborative learning and social connections, one-on-one access to certified Human Performance Coaches or an onsite experience to meet the varying engagement preferences of a population. 

ADURO’s comprehensive approach to Human Performance™ consists of four categories with topical, in-depth content:Picture3-11

  • Health & Fitness – nutrition 101 to diabetes prevention
  • Money & Prosperity –budgeting basics to retirement planning
  • Growth & Development – developing personal skills from resilience to leadership
  • Contribution & Sustainability – charitable giving to living a more environmentally friendly life

For segments of a population that will need an intensive change program, ADURO offers Revive® for type 2 diabetes prevention and Breathe Easy for tobacco cessation. 

ADURO’s real-time survey technology called Heartbeat™, allows the employer to pulse, screen, assess and monitor their population during and at the end of a program while Sparks™ offer the ability to send nudges – in-app SMS notifications and emails – to help the participant know what to do next and what additional activities they can complete to further enhance their experience and drive positive change.


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