SelfHelpWorks - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Bryan Noar, VP of Strategic Partnerships at SelfHelpWorks, to learn more about their online video-based solutions to help employees eliminate costly and unhealthy habits that typically resist standard behavior modification techniques.

Over 1,000 organizations and many top wellness vendors use SelfHelpWorks' online video-based solutions.  These solutions are designed to break down the disempowering beliefs, thoughts and resulting emotions at the root of detrimental behavior patterns.  All SelfHelpWorks interventions employ a proprietary cognitive behavioral training approach designed to elicit permanent behavior change without the use of willpower.

Participants can log on privately and conveniently 24/7 from virtually anywhere including the privacy or comfort of home or office using an Internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.Picture5

SelfHelpWorks' programs include:

  • LivingEasy: Creating calm and resilience
  • LivingFree: Breaking tobacco addiction
  • LivingSmart: Managing alcohol use
  • LivingLean: Gaining power over food
  • LivingFit: Learning to love exercise
  • LivingWell: With diabetes
  • LivingWellRested: Experience consistently good sleep

In this webinar, SelfHelpWorks demonstrated three significant new additions to its solution:

  • An innovative evidence-based cognitive training program for restoring sound sleep
  • An educational video course that teaches users how to shop, cook and eat for health
  • Additional integration options that allow wellness portals to enhance user engagement and incentive design

All SelfHelpWorks interventions can be easily integrated into an existing wellness portal or implemented as a stand-alone solution.  They are an effective adjunct or alternative to live or telephonic coaching and can be quickly and easily scaled across multiple locations.  Detailed reporting, white labeling options, marketing collateral and live user support are also available at no cost.


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