StayWell - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Brynn Bannach, Regional Business Director and Alex Goldberg, Vice President of Innovation at StayWell, to discuss StayWell’s recent acquisition of Provata Health and present their mobile-first platform that connects users to an expert care team of licensed doctors, registered dieticians, personal trainers, and other health professionals.

For 40-plus years, StayWell has been pioneering the population health and patient education industries.  Their methodology is grounded in research and science and they’ve produced 120+ peer-reviewed studies. Their solutions have proved mental, physical, and cost-saving benefits in medical journals.  

StayWell understands that to continue to grow and meet changing needs of employers and consumers, it must continue to evolve its products, solutions, and technology.

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Prior to the acquisition, Provata Health was recognized by INC magazine as one of the top 50 fastest-growing health care companies in the country, and by Forbes as the start-up leading the digital health revolution. This acquisition has allowed StayWell to further enhance its technology, now delivering high-touch support, industry experience, and strategic direction, through Provata Health’s innovative technology.

During this webinar, StayWell demonstrated:

  • The first well-being platform that seamlessly connects a participant to licensed physicians, expert health coaches, and peers
  • How to leverage virtual reality (VR) guided meditation to improve mental health and reduce impact of stress
  • How providing choice to participants is key to engaging the entire population and achieving strong outcomes


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