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Wellbeats – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Jen Zygmunt, SVP of Sales and Marketing, and Sarah Ziemer, VP of Corporate Sales, who shared how Wellbeats on-demand app technology delivers a fitness experience that lets employees work out however, whenever and wherever they like. 

While the benefits of exercise are many, only 3 out of 10 Americans get the recommended amount of physical activity, yet 72% of people say they would like to exercise more.  Clearly, today’s fitness solutions aren’t enough.  Thankfully, however, technology is transforming engagement:

  • 82% of consumers with a gym membership also work out at home
  • 63% use fitness apps
  • 77% of consumers said that using apps makes them feel more engaged with their health and fitness
  • 87% of employers say increasing employee engagement in health and well-being is a top priority
  • The virtual fitness market is expected to reach $2.6 billion by 2022, up from $849.5 million in 2017


Wellbeats was founded in 2008 and helped pioneer the virtual fitness category.  Over 2,400+ companies in all 50 states and 19 countries worldwide trust Wellbeats to provide high quality, equitable fitness programming.  Their content is available on 9 platforms and average a combined 2.5 million activity minutes per month.

Wellbeats virtual program breaks down barriers to engagement by delivering low cost, high quality on-demand fitness classes across a wide variety of areas at all skill levels.  The experience is personalized based on user interests via a brief intake survey and then machine-learning captures in-app behavior to further tailor content to ensure long term, measurable engagement. 

Their program is easy to implement with the Wellbeats team available to guide and support new clients through the entire setup process so they can hit the ground running ASAP.  Wellbeats also offers an affordable pricing model, making it a simple way to add value to an organization. 


On-going client support includes monthly marketing campaigns to engage, inspire and motivate as well as robust measurement and reporting tools for tracking key metrics and managing incentives on a monthly basis.  There is also the ability to track the top videos and average employee engagement time to help prove the value of a wellness program and then use these insights to connect Wellbeats directly to a client’s wellness initiative’s key goals.

Wellbeats innovation roadmap includes content and features focused on:Picture8-3

  • Recovery
  • Injury Prevention
  • Exercise Education
  • Nutrition Education
  • Running
  • Movements
  • Mindfulness
  • Coach Assign

Since there’s no better way to see how Wellbeats can work for a new client than by trying it out, they offer free demo accounts for up to four employees.


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