WellRight - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Tad Mitchell, President and CEO, and Melissa Mangan, Vice President of Product Management, to learn how healthy habits lead to better business with WellRight.



Employers choose WellRight because it gives organizations a complete wellness program custom built to meet their needs. When your employees feel better, they’re happier, more focused, and more productive—meaning they can do more for their company.

configurable Configurable Platform

As your program evolves, the flexible platform grows with you and WellRight’s certified account managers give customers white glove guidance on the design of their programs.

Wellness Wellness Content

Over 300 activities and challenges, 100 microlearning courses include video-based training to lay the foundation for positive change, accessed anytime over desktop or mobile devices, with questions to confirm comprehension.

Design Design Experts

WellRight’s certified account managers help you design the perfect program for your organization

Customer Customer Experience

Making you successful is their number one priority



With roots in software, WellRight started by building a flexible platform so organizations could build out a wellness program as their needs and preferences evolve.  It was designed to grow and change without having to switch platforms!



What WellRight learned by solving for configuration is that people don’t want to buy a configurable platform, they want a wellness program, so WellRight delivered content.

Wellness Content300+ Wellness Activities – over 300 holistic, habit-based activities pre-configured, ready to use

100+ Microlearning Courses – proprietary, video-based training lays the foundation for positive change

Boot Camps – 8-week boot camps combine learning with practice to foster behavior change

NCQA Certified Health Assessment – proprietary health assessment calculates a health age and is NCQA certified



You don’t have to be an expert.  WellRight knows how to make wellness work and their certified account managers will work with you to create the best design for your organization.  They will:Design Experts

Understand Your Organization – they ask questions to understand your goals, culture, budget, and barriers to success

Design a Custom Program – they develop a custom program based on your goals, behavioral theory, and best practices

Establish Measures of Success – they identify key metrics that measure program effectiveness defined by your organization’s goals



WellRight has the capability to launch a program very quickly, but the typical timeframe that works for most clients is 60-90 days.  Here’s what your expert account manager will take you through:

Scope – Understand your goals, requirements and timeline

Plan – Schedule major implementation milestones

Design – Develop a program aligned with overall organization goals

Finalize – Build and communicate your wellness program

Review – Perform final quality review prior to going live


Once you’ve gone live, your account manager will ensure everything stays on track with:

Monthly Check-ins – Meet regularly to evaluate strategies to encourage engagement

Annual Reviews – Analyze results to evolve next year’s program


Customer experience


WellRight’s cutting edge technology delivers an intuitive and engaging interface on a platform that is easy to set up and operate.  Their comprehensive reporting lets you easily analyze claims data so you never have to wonder if your wellness program is generating real value. 


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